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Searching for Leadership combines deep business insight with mastery of the psychology of optimum performance, to shape our client’s future.

We design enterprises that thrive on new knowledge. By doing that, we help organizations move beyond management by control to management through education. 

Our focus on critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and communal problem solving helps our clients navigate the complexity of ever-changing business environments.

Searching for Leadership are recognized experts in the mechanics of organizational performance. We know what it takes to shape organizations with exceptionally effective decision making and problem solving cultures.

We’ve partnered with global business leaders on their strategic journeys in every sector and all regions. With unprecedented shifts in technology, economics and geopolitics redefining our business environment, we know businesses need more than interim, localized interventions to succeed.

We teach business units to cultivate and lead knowledge-creating cultures. We introduce communities to higher, less known, aspects of human development that are critically needed for lasting knowledge-creation.

The ability to adapt and thrive in times of change and uncertainty helps our clients to beat the odds and increase their probability of success.


We build learning organizations with extraordinary performance cultures

Decades of experience have taught us to treat organizational culture as a social asset. This is why our discipline is communal by design.
Our practice works by aligning strategy and culture. So they can co-arise and reinforce each other for exceptional and lasting commercial benefit.


Major shifts in business direction require coordinated social action. The entire organization needs to respond in unison and with collective intelligence.


We design world class organizational cultures

For large scale human development to take place, organizations need to provide an infrastructure that supports the development of their institutions and all its people. We call them Developmental Infrastructures. They are the structures that hold, shape, and govern the development of the entire organization.


"Grounded on solid academic research, their ideas and proposals are applicable to any operational environment."

~ VP People and Organizational Development (Norway)


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