Our Essence:

We share a belief that all human beings have a potential to become much more than we are today. We can shape our lives to something better and we can improve the lives of others. We can improve the companies we work in and we can develop with them. Prosperous companies and thriving people are inseparable domains. Pursuing these possibilities is a choice each of us can make. We have seen the impact when people make conscious choices to develop themselves and we have seen what happens when this opportunity slips away. We want to dedicate our time on this planet to work with people and organizations to create a better future for themselves and the communities in which they live.



dominic miles

Dominic led large-scale business transformation projects as a strategic consultant at Roland Berger, and has served as a business leader in diverse cultural settings around the globe. He is a developmental coach certified in the ITC coaching process, and an expert in developmental psychology. Dominic is driven by a passion for human growth and development, bringing this unique perspective to his practice. He is interested in the development and design of the “21st century organization”, one that fosters human growth, environmental and social responsibility, and economic performance.



Bernhard is a CTI-certified leadership coach with a long experience in the Energy and Consulting industries. His practice relies on the transformational principles of adult development. Bernhard is certified in Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan. His work focuses on growing personal awareness into more mature stages. By becoming more aware, we are able to live more fulfilling lives. Higher maturity allows leaders to handle the complexities of a rapidly changing world, in a wiser way. The world is in urgent need of more mature leadership, so as to balance out the simplistic mentality we are currently seeing so much of.



Kazimierz “Kaz” Gozdz has 20 years of experience in transforming companies into deliberately developmental learning organizations. He has worked with The Decurion Corporation for a decade as the architect of their transformation into a developmental learning organization. He has partnered with EnPro Industries to guide their transformation into a Dual Bottom Line company. Kaz has also helped develop the Generon International Practice Model, and he is a founding member of the Society for Organizational Learning (originally the MIT Center for Organizational Learning). Kaz is the principle at Helix Group, LLC, an organizational development company based in Alamo, California. He is a large-scale organizational development consultant, community building author and researcher, with a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. 



Max is a communications strategist and editor. An engineer by training, Max believes in the discipline and clear thinking that powers written communication. He has worked for Accenture, Microsoft, Apple, Vodafone, and other multinationals, followed by smaller companies and startups. His work is featured in the NY Observer and other publications. Outside work, Max is a certified Yoga instructor and ethical diet enthusiast.

I’ve taken firm steps towards becoming a leader that values my colleagues’ development as much as my own. Our conversations opened my mind to totally new perspectives on where and how leadership can be developed
— CEO (Norway)
Bernhard and his colleagues were instrumental in the design, development and delivery of our leadership program. Grounded on solid academic research, their ideas and proposals are applicable to any operational environment.
— VP People and Organizational Development (Norway)
The leadership program changed my life and gave me new perspectives. My awareness changed dramatically. It had a huge impact on me as a person and as a leader.
— CEO (Denmark)

We are building an ever growing network of thought-leaders, industry pioneers and innovators that share the same mission. Sounds interesting?