our discipline

Development at Scale.


The greatest catalyst (or impediment) to human growth is the maturity level of the institutions they belong to.

In other words, the surest way to affect individual growth is by changing the environment in which they operate. By "growing" the social constructs (teams, communities, organizations) that manifest individual behaviors. 

Most organizations are built on social constructs which are not primed for large scale development. To allow those social entities (and their people) to grow, we need to provide the necessary support infrastructure.

It is the structure that holds, shapes, and governs the progress of development. We think of it as the "scaffold" that supports growth—at an individual, communal, and enterprise level. Raising this infrastructure is what activates development at scale.

Organizations that adopt this discipline will evolve into learning communities and knowledge-creating communities. This cultural renewal allows them to survive and thrive in times of change, uncertainty, and opportunity. This process taps into the latent potential that is present in all organizations.


we work at scale

We work with individuals, communities, business units and organizations.


Our organizational renewal framework comprises eight non-sequential phases. We spiral through these steps, achieving an ever deepening understanding and maturation.


I. Establish a Business Case that Inspires Excellence

What is the essence of your company and what is the community trying to create?

II. Conduct Assessment and Field Setting Process and cultural change

Define the essence of the company. Build a “social field” that sets the intent for the large-scale change.

III. Clarify the Enterprise Operating Philosophy

Establish the process for systematic employee development (“scaffolding development”).

IV. Build Capacity

“Line leaders teach.” Help leaders become educators. Scale development.

V. Align Strategy and Culture Renewal

Build seamless, inclusive communities that support the exchange and multiplication of knowledge.

VI. Enterprise Redesign and Global Alignment

Redesign governance processes, organizational structures and global systems to enable knowledge creation and community contribution.

VII. Knowledge Creation at Scale – Innovative Growth Platforms

Introduction to the principles of generative discovery. Teach business units to cultivate and lead knowledge-creating communities.

VIII. Dual Bottom Line Performance Management

Performance management is the generative center of community formation. Establish performance metrics committed to both human development and financial performance.


Searching for Leadership
We design world-class organizational cultures.

Renewal at an individual, team, community, and enterprise level leads to transformation. 


framework for renewal

At the heart of our framework is the notion of “renewal”—renewal at an individual, team, community, and enterprise level.

This constant focus on renewal is the key to an agile company that embraces and thrives in times of change, uncertainty, and opportunity.

This framework has four building blocks. Think of them as the foundation of your developmental infrastructure. It's your starting point for continuous and deliberate development.

1. nested wholes + interconnected systems

  • We focus on the environment, the organization, the communities and the people of your organization.
  • We assess your Essence, Purpose, Structure, Potential, and Processes.
  • We work with you to establish your business operating philosophy and your unique value proposition.

Working through those steps inspires participation and communication throughout the organization. 

As the process unfolds, your governance structure will evolve, allowing for decentralized decision making and for devolving power throughout the organization.

2. Developmental principles

We establish developmental principles to stimulate growth and human wholeness across the organization.

These principles touch individuals, teams, and the entire organization. They set the basis for higher forms of leadership and maturity. They become an intrinsic part of your everyday work.

3. Community building

We use community building practices to galvanize knowledge creation, learning, and authentic communities in your organization.

Community: A group of people who transcend their differences to communicate and work together towards goals that serve the common good.

4. Nothing Extra™

Use business challenges as a natural curriculum for learning and growing your people. In doing so, you build their capacity to resolve challenges that are increasingly complex in nature.

We show you how to use the challenges of everyday work to inspire your people to grow. No training programs, no reporting on progress, no separate management process, nothing extra.

Progression of human capacity happens through the performance of daily tasks. Development is not limited to specific occasions or events, but is ongoing.



Your development journey starts here.

Human growth within an organization is only successful if it is done at scale. Sporadic initiatives concentrated on a privileged few will not create sustainable change.

In learning organizations everyone is treated as having high potential. We follow the principle of interconnectedness: all systems (inside and outside the organization) are interrelated and codependent. All of them need to be considered and seen as part of the whole.

Our focus, therefore, is not limited to specific aspects of an organization. We help your company grow across the board, focusing on leaders, communities, and the entire enterprise in tandem.


We are building an ever growing network of thought leaders, industry pioneers and innovators that share the same mission. Sounds interesting?