Designing enterprises that thrive on new knowledge.


Navigating the complexity of ever-changing business environments.



Failure to anticipate and embrace exponential change is a major strategic risk. 40% of Fortune 500 companies will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years from now.

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The greatest catalyst to human growth is the maturity level of the institutions they are part of. The surest way to affect individual growth is by changing the environment in which individuals operate.

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Development at Scale

For large-scale human development to take place, organizations need to provide an infrastructure that supports the development of their institutions and all its people.

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The Work We Do

The ability to adapt and thrive in times of change and uncertainty helps our clients to beat the odds and increase their probability of success.

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We design world-class organizational cultures.

Major shifts in business direction require coordinated social action. The entire organization needs to respond in unison and with collective intelligence.


Leadership agility

How well does your organization respond to changing conditions?

Your ability in responding to change hinges on the effectiveness of your leaders. They are the ones spearheading your change initiatives, and affecting change throughout your organization. 

Leadership Agility is the master competency needed for sustained success in complex, fast-paced business environments. It’s the ability to lead under conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity.


"The leadership program changed my life and gave me new perspectives. My awareness changed dramatically. It had a huge impact on me as a person and as a leader."

~ CEO (Denmark)


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